Eyebrows have always received special attention when it comes to makeovers. Celebrities have been wearing all sorts of eye brows. Some have been following older trends whereas others have been creating new trends for others to follow. Nevertheless, there are plenty of trends that have been set for people to follow in the coming year. Be it TikTok trends that have been set by upcoming stars or the fashion magazine sensations set by global stars we have it all covered. In this blog we have a list of 11 eyebrow trends that will dominate in 2023:

Natural style of eyebrows has been receiving attention from people all over the world recently. It can be simply a fashion statement or a lack of will to regularly get eye brows done. Irrespective of what anyone what may feel towards the trend, it has been picking pace and is here to stay in 2023.

This trend is specially for people who wish to have low maintenance eye brows. Well, your wishes have certainly come true. Now, you can postpone your visit to the salon and remain trendy.

These types of eyebrows have been receiving spotlight lately. This trend is specially a must try for people with natural thick eye brows. Gone are the days when only thin eye brows were considered trendy. Now you can put your natural thick eye brows to good use and follow the puffed-up eye brow trend. This trend is definitely picking traction and is probably going to be one of the most followed trends in 2023.

You can visit a professional beauty boutique like Dari Perly Studio, to get that special treatment you’re looking for. Although these trends are not hard to pull off at home, it is advised to visit a professional eyebrow stylist that can take care of your beautiful eye brows.

You can get your eye brows laminated to get that super soft and puffy shape you’re looking for. What is the benefit you may ask? The lamination process last from anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Which means you can keep staying trendy and look stunning with no worries at all. The trend is being picked up by many celebrities such as Game of Thrones star queen Emilia Clarke and it is a hit.

Contrary to the thick and puffy eye brows that have been trending, thin eye brows have also been gaining attention from the public. This style of eye brow makeover has been the go-to choose for many years and is here to stay in 2023. This trend has been followed by celebrities of the likes of Paris Hilton in the 90s and Scarlett Johansson in the early 2000s and has again been becoming famous. With the following this trend has been getting, it is safe to say that they are going to be some of the most followed trends in 2023.

Light toned eyebrows have been worn by many celebrities, even on the red carpet. It is usually done to match the light toned hair so that the eyebrows can complement them. Some people like to bleach their eyebrows and leave them as is, however, some like to tone them lightly. This trend has been followed by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and by the love it has received recently, they’re here to stay in 2023.

It’s no secret. Yes, the colorful eyebrows have been setting a trend of their own. Although they are not a common sight however, they are slowly fighting with the big trendy eye brows to make their presence known. You can now express yourself with the color of your choice and dying the eye brows in that color. However, it would be advised to carefully choose the colors you wish to go for. Anything too bright, and it might not blend in with your day-to-day outfits.

This trend is for the bold, who like to try something different, something that sets them apart. You can either opt for a single color for the eyebrows or you can dye them in a multicolored array of colors you like. If you feel like breaking all stereotypes, you can even go as far as dying both your eye brows in two separate colors. How you want to do it is totally up to you.

Straight eyebrows have been winning hearts and setting records for some time. Popular for their simplicity and the character they bring in, these eye brows have been worn by many. They have been the fashion statements of celebrities like Zendaya, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez to name a few. They have been rocking these eye brows while setting fire to red carpets on multiple occasions. You don’t need much effort to replicate these eyebrows. There goes some technique to make them look perfect thus it is advised to visit an expert eye brow artist.

This type of eye brow trend makes use of feather strokes. A precise blade is used to cut and insert pigment in the brows. This highlights the appearance of individual hairs mainly in areas where gaps existed previously. This form of eyebrow makeover is semi-permanent and can last a good amount of time before you need to refresh it. Thus, it essentially does not require frequent maintenance. It is best suited for people who naturally have full brows but have small gaps in between. The pigment is used to create feather like strokes that fill in the gaps while making them feel natural.

It all comes to personal preference in beauty treatments such as eyebrow makeover, eyelash lift etc. thus it is advised to choose the best look that suits you. However, you can always go for the look you desire to set you apart from the masses.

Microblading is almost like feathering with one small difference; they cover full eyebrows instead of small gaps. These are more focused towards people who naturally don’t have full brows but wish to make them thick. Using pencil etc. to fill in the eye brows makes them look artificial, not to forget it’s a temporary solution. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution i.e., it does not come off easily. Both feathering and micro blading are essentially forms of eye brow tattooing however, they are different from tattoos.

The reason being the pigments are not permanent and they come off after some time. However, it lasts a long time, so you do not have to worry about frequent visits to your esthetician. If you have slim eyebrows and wish to get thicker eye brows, you should opt for microblading as it will create a big difference. This, however, cannot be performed at home and needs to be done by a certified esthetician.

For those who are not yet ready to go down the route of microblading or eye brow feathering, eyebrow tinting is a good place to start. It makes use of a dye to highlight your natural arches and give shape to them. This way you can fill in your eye brows and make them stand out even more. This however is a dye and if you have slim eyebrows and want to get them tinted it would not be the best route to go.

That is purely because, the smooth color will easily be distinguishable from hairs making the eyebrows look more fake than natural. It can be used to fill in tiny patches in the eye brows, however its not the best option for slim eyebrows.

This method is only for people who wish to thicken their slim eyebrows with hair and avoid tattoos. You cannot grow hair where they do not exist, thus you will need the help of hair transplanting. For this, hair from the back side of the head is extracted and then transplanted in the eyebrows. This completes and thickens the eye brows with a natural look and feel. Since, it contains hair transplanting thus it provides a better look and feel than eye brow feathering or microblading. It is a bit time taking however, the results can really change your appearance.

This process includes shaping of existing natural eyebrows. You can practically change the shape in whatever way you please if you have hair to shapen. This is a simple and straight forward procedure however it can have a huge impact on how you look. You can also make your thick eye brows slim by following the procedures of eyebrow shaping. Although, keep in mind this is a tedious task and requires proper knowledge of how to shape the eye brows. If you don’t feel confident to do it yourself, you should visit an eyebrow specialist as a bad shaped eye brow can ruin your look. This has been going on for years and it has a huge following potential in 2023 and onwards.

Some trends have more following, while some have more class to them. While figuring out on what trend to follow, you should always take a decision keeping your facial structure in mind. For professional opinion, you can always consult an esthetician that can guide you according to your needs and facial structure. At the end it all comes down to what you desire your eye brows to look like.

Apart from eyebrows, you can enhance other facial features such as eyelashes. Getting a proper facial to clean up your skin is a great way of making sure you always look amazing. All these services contribute to a better looking you as they enhance beauty and help in making you look attractive. These services are available at Dari Perly Studio where our estheticians, beauticians not only have the knowledge of the hottest trends but also have the skill for proper execution. So, book an appointment today to get the best set of eyebrows that suit you and make you stand out.

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