Beauty does not relate to a certain skin complexion or a certain structure of facial features. Rather, it corresponds to how someone takes care of themselves. Everyone has a right to look beautiful. It is a simple process, yet it creates a large impact on how you look and feel. Getting a beauty treatment that satisfies your needs can insinuate confidence among women. At Dari Perly Studio, we have extremely talented estheticians that can help you in achieving the impact you’re looking for.

Eye lashes contribute a lot to how attractive one can look. However, in pursuit to achieve the look, they always wanted, people resort to ways that end up damaging their eye lashes, however we are here to change that. In this blog we talk about steps you can take to grow longer and healthier eye lashes and make yourself look amazing.

Avoid using eye lash curlers

A lot of times, in pursuit of achieving that trendy look, women end up curling their eye lashes. Although it does add some character and beauty to them, it also damages them. An eye lash curler pulls the eyelashes from their natural position which makes them prone to falling over a long period of time. The use of an eyelash curler weakens them and causes them to become brittle as they are delicate. Although it does provide you with a lifted look with great convenience, it causes a hurdle in growing the eyelashes out and making them healthier.

Use fake eyelashes as less as possible

Applying fake eyelashes seems non-harmful and convenient right? Well, it might be convenient, but it is quite harmful. The chemical on the fake eye lashes is strong and causes damage to the natural eyelashes by weakening them. Some eye lashes come with glue that is hard to remove and causes pain to get rid of the eyelashes when you’re done with them. There is a simple solution to overcome all these issues; stop using them. Dari Perly Studio can help your eyelashes look attractive without damaging them at all by using the best products the right way.

Clean your eyelashes; it’s important

You can really enhance the look and feel of your eyelashes by properly cleaning them. It’s all the minor details that matter. Due to the different types of pollution, especially in big cities, dust particles easily find a way to settle on areas like eyelashes. Unlike other parts of the body, they don’t get cleaned as much. Dirty eyelashes not only look bad, but they also are not good for their own health. The settled dust particles can also weaken your eye lashes and make them appear dull.

Regularly cleaning them with a soft bristled brush can go a long way in improving their health and making them look beautiful. If you don’t feel comfortable in cleaning your eye lashes yourself, you can always book an appointment with experts that know the proper way to do the job. Our eyelash specialists take time to properly clean your eyelashes without causing any pain. That way you can continue looking gorgeous without any need to use artificial products.

Use a good quality eyelash serum

Eyelashes are easily the most neglected area when it comes to beauty treatments. People who do consider them during their makeovers do not properly take care of them. Long and healthy eyelashes can be desirable for many, however not many go through the process of properly caring for them.

Eyelash serums are safe to use. Usually, serums are used to help grow eyelashes and make them healthy. Such products can aid in the growing of eye lashes by elongating the period in which the eyelashes grow. This is a harmless way of growing your eyelashes and make them look amazing. Moreover, this a better way of achieving thick and long eyelashes instead of using fake eye lashes and eyelash extensions.

Just like you should always choose the best products for your skin, you should never use a product on your eyelashes that is subpar. If you are unsure on what to use, consult an esthetician that can guide you on the dos and don’ts. Apart from eye lashes, low quality products can also cause irritation in your eyes which are even more delicate than the eyelashes. Thus, always consult an esthetician before using a product.

In addition to elongating and thickening your eyelashes, good serums can also moisturize them which is a great way of caring for your eyelashes. Just like moisturizing is important for skin, it is also important for eye lashes. Specially people who live in dry and humid areas, should get their eye lashes moisturized frequently. This not only improves their health but also makes them look better than dried out ones.

Avoid heavy makeup / makeup removers near eyes

A lot of women want to highlight their beauty features by using makeup products of their choice. This can be a good way of attaining that oomph you are looking for. However, did you know that using heavy makeup / makeup removers near your eyes can damage your eyelashes?

Makeup products tend to leave particles that stick to eyelashes. It is almost equivalent to having dust particles rest on your eyelashes. Just like dust is dangerous for the health of eye lashes, makeup products are as well. Try to avoid doing heavy makeup near your eyes. Especially makeup removing products contain harmful chemicals that cause harm to the eyelashes. If you do end up getting such materials in your eyelashes, make sure you properly clean them by using a soft bristle brush. You can also visit an eyelash expert that can properly clean and treat your eye lashes to make them look even more beautiful.

Eat a nutritious diet

Having a balanced and nutritious diet is not only important for your eyelashes but is also a requirement for the human body to stay healthy. You can really feel a difference in your body once you start eating a healthy and nutritious diet. If you are unsure on what to eat, you can always consult a dietician to help you in finding the perfect diet for you.

This is not only helpful for your eyelashes, but also for your body in general. You can really improve your look by eating healthy and taking care of body parts that create a first impression. Eyes are easily the most noticed part of the body as they are the first thing you see when you look at someone. With eyes, eyelashes (especially well cared for ones) are also noticed which can boost your first impressions.

Getting eyelash lift; a better alternative to eyelash curling

Curled eyelashes create quite an impression and set you apart from the crowd that does not have them. However, they curling your eye lashes causes damage to them as it includes pulling. Moreover, the effect is temporary contrary to the desire. Thus, you end up curling your eyelashes more frequently. This can weaken your eyelashes and cause them to fall.

A better alternative to achieve a similar result is getting your eye lashes curled. Estheticians and eyelash experts such as the ones we have here at Dari Perly Studio can really make your eye lashes look beautiful. An added benefit of getting your eyelashes lifted is that it is a semi-permanent treatment which essentially means that the lift lasts longer. You do not have to get the treatment done regularly.

Final Words

Taking care of all the different parts of body is as important as eating the right diet. A well looked after body creates an impression that lasts a long time. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve that look you have always admired. At Dari Perly Studio we provide a variety of services that can enhance your look. Treating your skin, the right is very important as it brings out a fresh and clean look that not only makes you feel confident but also attracts people. Our full range of skin and body care is specifically designed to make sure you have all the important and essential services under one roof.

We also understand the importance of first impressions. Since face is the most looked at and interacted with part of the body, it matters how well you maintain it. Getting facial treatments that rejuvenate the skin and bring glow and shine can increase your impression by ten folds. Moreover, beauty treatments such as eyebrows, eyelashes etc. can all complement each other in a way that not only make you look confident but beautiful as well.

At Dari Perly Studio, we believe that everyone has a right to look their best especially on days that matter. We have a wide range of treatments available all performed by highly qualified and certified staff. Are you looking for a clean and shiny skin that shows off your confidence? Are you willing to discover a newer version of yourself? Visit our catalogue of wide range of services we provide and book an appointment today!

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