In recent times more and more people want to do everything themselves. The main reason being a means of saving some money. However, you should not experiment things on your skin after watching a tutorial online. Everyone has a different type of skin. The beauty treatments such as hydra facial, microdermabrasion, micro channeling etc. are all performed according to the skin type of the patient. Using the wrong kind of beauty products can have adverse effects. Are you willing to take a risk? This blog talks about all the reasons why you need a certified esthetician and why you should always consult them before using any product on your skin.

Licensed Estheticians

Licensed Estheticians know in detail about the types of skin and what you should and should not use on them. Knowing what to avoid using on the skin is far more important than knowing what to use. Online tutorials talk about personal experiences however, only an esthetician can tell you whether a product is good for your skin or not.

Variety of Products

An esthetician has a wide variety of products you can choose from. Even if you consult an esthetician about products and want to use them yourself, you will have to purchase the products yourself. Good quality products are expensive, which can run you a fat bill. Thus, you should always visit a licensed esthetician for all your beauty treatments.


Certified estheticians not only guide you about your skin type but also how you should care for them. Instead of going at a store and buying the most expensive products, you should first consult your esthetician. You may not even need all those expensive products after all.

A professional esthetician knows how to handle sensitive skin. They have the right knowledge, the right products and tools to gently yet effectively handle your skin and make it look beautiful. Moreover, they can guide you with using the right type of serums to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Treatments like microdermabrasion etc. require the knowledge, certification and experience that only estheticians possess. Instead of going to a small salon down the corner and asking a non-certified beautician for such treatments, you should visit an esthetician. This way you do not have to put your skin at risk of being ruined by someone in experienced. Moreover, they can guide the best treatment for the condition of your skin. For example, you might not need microdermabrasion and some other skin treatment might be more suitable for your skin. Such knowledge is usually absent in non-certified beauticians.

Apart from skin rejuvenation, a tedious task such as facial hair removal can be done more effectively by an esthetician. The main reason being, they have more tools. You can ask them for a certain tool or they can choose the best one according to your skin type.


Estheticians possess a wide array of skills you can benefit from. For example, their services can be availed for makeover, skin care, hair removal, dead skin removal etc. You name it. The benefit of getting these services from an esthetician is that you can get the best quality services and look your best.

Getting ready for that big event you have been preparing for over a week? Get an appointment with an esthetician that specializes in makeover. Makeover specialist estheticians are all the hype nowadays when it comes to events that matter. Most of the celebrities now adays get their skin treatments done before they have to attend a big event. That is purely because a glowing, clean and soft looking face can really highlight your personality and make it look even more interesting.

A professional certified esthetician will never offer you a service they don’t know about. That is something you will find to be absent among small salons. Estheticians care a lot about their patients because a single mess up can affect their patient’s appearance. Thus, instead of getting a treatment from a subpar salon, always visit an esthetician to get the best treatment.

Are you worried about the skin that has been getting loose lately? Your esthetician has a solution for it. Instead of getting the spaces filled, you should look for a radio frequency treatment. It specially takes care of loose and wrinkled skin with no harms to the skin. The results are flawless and it last a long time as well.

Complete Examinations

Estheticians not only provide treatments for your skin, but also perform examinations to check for any abnormalities that may be going on with your skin. In case there is one, it is always a good idea to identify them early on so that they can be treated before they get any worse. Regular checkups can help you stay informed about your skin and what treatment (if at all) it needs. In a worst-case scenario, if a disease is identified it can be treated which is a lot better than it getting worse.

Do you have a dried or oily skin? Your esthetician has just the right remedies for you. Stop testing and trying all the different products. It can ruin your skin. Instead visit an esthetician to find the best products for your skin type. If your skin is dry, get it moisturized while you’re at it. Moisturizing is very important, especially for dry skin. There can be multiple reasons to why skin dries up. Most common factor that contributes to it is the dry and humid weather. You need to regularly moisturize your skin to keep it from drying. Although, before you buy a moisturizer, consult your esthetician to get the best advice.

You can finally get rid of acne / acne spots. Estheticians provide a wide range of treatments that can take care of acne for you. Depending on your skin type and how bad the condition is, there are multiple skin treatments for acne, scars, brown spots etc. Beauty boutiques like Dari Perly Studio specialize in such treatments. All you have to do is book an appointment and get rid of the spots / scars.


In communities such as Asian home-made remedies have been going on for a long time. These are made by combining different materials and then applying them on the skin. A big down side of such remedies is that nobody knows if the remedy is going to work. It can either work or not. Most often, the results turn out to be pretty bad. This is a highly discouraged practice as it can deeply affect and damage your skin over the long run. The skin is a sensitive part of the body. A certified esthetician can not only suggest you the best products but also advise you on what sort of products you should go for.

Most people do not have the knowledge on how to take care of their skin. Some people go as far as using acidic products that cause burning sensation and rashes to the skin. The only reason behind such actions is an absence of knowledge with a motive to save money. This is a dangerous practice. Estheticians can guide you about things you should avoid. In case you do not have the right knowledge and the right products to use, you can at least avoid the wrong products to avoid making your condition worse.


A lot of procedures that Estheticians perform including relaxing of pores and muscles. Specially procedures like back facial, facial etc. that relax the skin and muscles. This can be a great way of relaxing your body and releasing the stress. One visit to the esthetician and you can come back feeling relaxed and fresh as new.

If you feel like your muscles are soar, some estheticians even provide massage services. These are a great way to relax your body and release all the extra stress that has been accumulating over time. You can get a beauty treatment of your choice and end the session with a good and relaxing massage session to relax all your muscles. This makes it visiting an esthetician even more exciting.

Among other benefits of visiting an esthetician, this one is certainly no less important. Professional estheticians not only guide you in your beaty treatment process, but also advise you on how to take care of your skin at home. With a proper knowledge on what you should do, you can confidently carry out your skin care routine at home with the right knowledge and the right products. Using the right products for your skin is very important. Wrong products can have side effects such as rashes, itching, irritation etc. To avoid these side effects, always consult an esthetician before you try any beauty products on your skin.

Final Words

Visiting a certified esthetician has been growing in trend lately. That is mainly because of the experiences of people, the change they have witnessed and the confidence they have gained. You should not hide your scars but if you want to get rid of them, visit a licensed esthetician. Dari Perly Studio has a wide range of services that cater to eyebrows, eyelashes, skin care etc. You can avail all the services under one roof by expert estheticians. So book an appointment today to enhance your beauty and bring back the glow you once had.

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